Hello world!

Recent revolutions in Egypt and Lebanon, protests in Yemen, Bahrain and other autocratic regimes are a proof that people’s voices can’t be suppressed for ever. American political environment needs a drastic change as well. People are frustrated with the inefficiency of our government. Politicians seem totally detached from the American public and have no idea what the rest of us go through just to survive. Small businesses keep waiting for the bureaucrats to process their applications for permits delaying their ability to make a living or creating jobs and hiring some people. Daily wage earners don’t have any savings for a rainy day.

 Our politicians are more interested in their own vested interests than the welfare of nation. They are more worried about their own party and their re-election bids than the common good of the country.  Please send us your personal experiences with the system at ventyourangerhere@gmail.com. Please include your State and County. Please let us know if you would like to keep your identity anonymous. We shall publish it on this blog. We shall also forward it to your elected representative along with a copy to your local news papers for any further investigations. Let’s see if our politicians can work on improving our own country first and worry about the rest of the world later.

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Then and Now

When I started this discussion forum on Feb. 18, 2011, I gave examples of some demonstrations in the world in my article Hello World. Lots of changes have taken place since then. Libyan regime has fallen. Egypt has gone through a change. Syria is facing massive unrest. I felt in Feb. 2011 that these changes have to take place. Masses can’t be suppressed indefinitely. Now we see authoritarian government of Russia is going through some turmoil.  Are changes in American Political Scenario far behind? It may be difficult to change our political environment that easily. Our two major political parties have been able to divide our public on ideological grounds successfully. These gaps have become wider during recent times. At this time there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.  Most Americans are not willing to even listen to the view point of others, let alone considering it. Politicians and rich corporations have been exploiting that situation successfully. However, it is also creating a big gap between ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-nots’. The numbers of Have-nots are growing. Will they get angry enough to revolt remains to be seen? Will the politicians get wiser before that happens and cater for the masses than the few ‘Haves’? And most of all will the public finally find some common grounds to unite on? These things will happen sooner or later. What happens first will decide the future of democracy in this country, and to that effect in the whole world. If people revolt first, democracy is doomed. If political changes happen for the benefit of majority first, we shall again become beacons of democratic light for the rest of the world. Only time will tell.

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Politics in America

After the dismal Jobs Growth Report for August 2011, every politician is talking about job creation. All presidential hopefuls are scrambling to put finishing touches to their job growth plans. However looking at the substandard performance on the part of President and congress, indicated by the recent poll results, it is obvious that they are just trying to save their own jobs. Politicians are playing the Blame Game again.

 At this point the greatest country on earth is standing at the verge of economic collapse. With the burst of housing bubble, American Dream has become an American Nightmare. Both major political parties are blaming each other for this mess, without accepting any responsibility for their own failures. The country is divided, more than ever, on political ideologies. Politicians are loyal to their political parties and influential backers and the common American has totally been ignored. Spirit of logical compromise for the sake of country has vanished fromWashington.

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Reflections on 9/11

9/11 has become an important day in American History. The events on this historic day have influenced our thinking process and our life styles in a big way both positively and negatively. Now we reach the air ports ahead of our flight time, don’t just ignore unattended backpacks in the shopping malls and don’t scream at Air Hostesses mid flight because our drink is two minutes late. At the same time, sadly enough, we don’t trust our neighbors, especially if they look different, as much as we used to even if we have lived next door to them for a number of years.

To view this article on Yahoo, visit http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8382593/reflections_on_911.html?cat=9

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Debt Ceiling

It was an interesting experience listening to the President and Speaker of the House about Debt Ceiling on July 25, 2011. Both of them were supposedly addressing the nation, and both of them talked about numbers that more than half the nation does not understand. For starters, how many Americans really know how many zeroes are there in a trillion? I can assure you that out of all daily/hourly wage earners, a vast majority will not be able to answer that question. And that is real America. So I don’t know which America both these politicians talked to.

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American Health Care

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Gasoline taxes you pay.

Budget deficit and taxes are main points of discussion these days, both in federal and state governments. California Governor and some local mayors want to increase sales tax. Let’s take an example of sales tax on a product that is also a major concern for every consumer these days – Gasoline. There are two kinds of taxes on each gallon sold. There are some fixed taxes and some variable taxes. For example in California there are following fixed taxes per gallon:-

  1. 18.4 cents per gallon federal tax.
  2. 35.7 cents per gallon state tax.
  3. .001155 cents per gallon as Lead Poisoning prevention fee (although there is no leaded gas being sold in California).
  4. .0011547 cents per gallon as Oil Spill Prevention Charge (although all the oil spills are supposed to be cleaned and paid for by the gas station owner).
  5. .00171 cents per gallon as Federal Oil Spill Recovery Fee (this fund probably is to bail out BPs of the world to clean up their mess).
  6. 2 cents per gallon as the Underground Storage Tank Fee. Continue reading
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