Recent revolutions in Egypt and Lebanon, protests in Yemen, Bahrain and other autocratic regimes are a proof that people’s voices can’t be suppressed for ever. American political environment needs a drastic change as well. People are frustrated with the inefficiency of our government. Politicians seem totally detached from the American public and have no idea what the rest of us go through just to survive. Small businesses keep waiting for the bureaucrats to process their applications for permits delaying their ability to make a living or creating jobs and hiring some people. Daily wage earners don’t have any savings for a rainy day.

We shall start with an assumption that politicians are not aware of these problems and do not know how inefficient current bureaucratic system is. So our first step will be to make them aware of our concerns. Please send us your personal experiences with the system at ventyourangerhere@gmail.com. Please include your State and County. Please let us know if you would like to keep your identity anonymous. We shall publish it on this blog. We shall also forward it to your elected representative along with a copy to your local news papers for any further investigations. Let’s see if our politicians can work on improving our own country first and worry about the rest of the world later.


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